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Perfect for the client who needs a little bit of “this” or a whole lot of “that”, we make it our priority to create it in a way that reflects you and your vision.

Stationery Collections

You have a creative mind and an idea of the look that you’d like your guests to experience. Maybe you have countless ideas or none at all and you don’t know where to start or stop. We want to hear all about it! We’ll listen closely, and we will create a signature style that will fit your personalities like a glove. We’ll make it easy to create a cohesive, branded look in any area of your wedding with our stationery.

Cotton | Linen | Silk
Full stationery suites that are ‘branded’ to your big day.

Read more about our Stationery Collections in our Wedding Guide

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Custom Stationery Suite Design 
Custom designs require a design fee of 350.00 | One fee includes the design of any custom piece within your order.

Printing Costs
We don’t want to charge for anything that you don’t need. Factors such as quantities, print methods and personal preferences are all considered when quotes are given. To start the quote process we’ll need a bit more info. You can expect a response in less than two business days. Start the design process today!

Print Methods

Flat Printing
Flat Printing is digital printing. There is no limit to the number of colors used. Flat Prints typically arrive within 14 business days (M-F) after you have approved your proofs.

Letterpress printing uses copper printing plates and custom inks which are
 pressed into 240 lb thick paper, creating textured impressions of your text and graphics. This handmade technique typically arrives 3-5 weeks after you have approved your proofs.

Foil stamp printing 
uses hot copper printing plates and colored foils which are pressed onto the paper 
, creating shiny metallic text and graphics. This handmade technique typically arrives 2-4 weeks after you have approved your proofs

Die Cut
A Die refers to a thin, razor-sharp steel blade that has been formed into a specific shape or pattern (sort of like a heavy-duty cookie-cutter). The outline, or outer edge of a card or a “window” within the card are best suited using a die for large quantities. This handmade technique typically arrives 2-4 weeks after you have approved your proofs.

Laser Cut
Similar to Die Cut, laser cutting can make intricate cuts to any part of your design. Best suited for darker colored paper as the laser can sometimes show burnt edges where cuts are made. This handmade technique typically arrives 2-4 weeks after you have approved your proofs.