Wedding & Event Flowers

We design colorful floral for weddings and special events in the Pittsburgh and surrounding South Western Pennsylvania area.

Specializing in garden-inspired floral for clients who want striking designs with a worry-free creative process.

Enjoy being in the moment with your family and friends. Let us do the work – because weddings can be stressful, your flowers should never be.


“Melissa and Lauren made the wedding flower process fun and easy. My flower meetings were the least of my worries through the stressful wedding planning process.”
J Verno Wedding
Stephanie L.
Fernstone Retreat Wedding

Wedding Party

Quite possibly our favorite part of the job and the most important piece of the floral puzzle. Your bouquets and boutonnieres will be part of your attire and photographed countless times throughout your day. To ‘get your vibe’, we love seeing pics of your gown, your suit, and your attendants attire to achieve the most cohesive look.


Whether it’s chandeliers with dripping greens above your dance floor or a ceremony arbor with romantic blooms and flowing fabrics, if you can imagine it, we can make it. We’ll work with you and your venue to make a unique design plan for your “wow” moment! 


Impress your guests by creating a sense of sophistication or relaxed charm while they dine. Whether sprawling garlands that reach the floor, tall and fabulous arrangements that can be seen from the dance floor, or low and lush that spill over the top of your chosen vessel, options and combinations are endless. Choose from a variety of candles for that glow!

“Everything was unique and creative! I literally cried when I saw it all come together! Everything I asked them to do was executed in a way that was far beyond my expectations!”
Jennifer J.

Behind the scenes



Hydrated flowers are happy flowers!

Starting around 4-5 days before your event, the physical work starts. After gathering all the flowers, greenery and supplies we begin filing buckets with water and floral food, trimming stems, stripping thorns and refrigerating when the time is right.

Processing can take anywhere from 5-18 hours, but is essential for happy blooms!


After processing we carefully review your design plan to begin creating your signature look!

Paying close attention to each detail we’ve agreed on, we can confidently hand you your bouquet or pin your boutonniere. We can’t wait for that moment!

Red Punch Design Crew

Delivery. Set up. Tear down.

Let us do the work – because weddings can be stressful, your flowers should never be.

Executing your design in the time allotted requires meticulous planning and an experienced team of designers and decorators.

We guarantee on-time delivery, ensuring our crew has cleaned our workspace and packed up before guests arrive. The after party tear down usually happens in a shorter time window; however, we always leave your venue’s staff glad you chose Red Punch Design!

Red Punch Design Sustainability


Our flowers are sourced from local growers, wholesalers and even our own gardens. We recycle everything down to the box or bucket they arrive in while scraps are composted for next year’s garden. 

Your centerpieces are just that, yours! You and your guests are welcome to take home to enjoy for days!

Want to take a few but aren’t sure what to do with the rest? Consider donating them through our donation network of hospitals and senior homes, where they’ll continue to spread joy! 

Every order plants a tree!


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