Penn Scenic View in Rockwood, Pennsylvania

Kelly & Craig

Kelly and Craig came to us in need of Save the Dates and Invitations last fall. Being that they are an active couple who snowboards all winter and whitewater kayaks in the summer, they knew they wanted an outdoor wedding in the beautiful Laurel Highlands. They also knew that they wanted a relaxed, gorgeous atmosphere for their guests to spread the love!

The setting of this gorgeous day took place at the Penn Scenic View in Rockwood, Pennsylvania. Kelly and Craig found this spot last winter when they got their first Christmas tree there! Not only is it an ideal venue, but it doubles as a Christmas tree farm!

On a very snowy day last winter we went with the couple, the Mother of the Bride and a Bridesmaid to the venue to tour the space and grounds, take measurements, talk concept and flow. We had a great time touring through the fresh powder and really getting to know just how excited everyone was for this day!

Starting with their Save the dates, Red Punch created all of their print pieces right down to their pie labels! All of these pieces featured the same typefaces and a lacy flower element that the bride loves so much she wants it permanently tattooed on her! Any ink printed was in navy blue as this was a color showcased throughout their day.

Set up started on the Friday morning before their Saturday wedding. Kelly and Craig had recruited their friends and family to help with setting up all the lovely things planned. The weather was no longer snowy, quite the opposite! The skies were blue, with a chance of storms….suspense!

Set up continued into Saturday morning, the grass was dry and the sun was out!

Guests were greeted into the venue with a decorated log entry that they drove through. Wooden signage led them to the top of the grounds where the ceremony took place. These signs were perfect for everyone to know exactly where to go for the ceremony, to park and after the ceremony for the reception.

At the top of the mountain was the overlook where they would become husband and wife! An octagon shaped tower stood at the peak of the mountain. We embellished it with streaming navy and burlap fabric that met at a point and bundled together with burlap and white gypsophila. At the foot of the tower and at each corner was an extravagant floral display of anemones cabbage roses, calli lilies, peonies, milk thistle, curly willow and seeded eucalyptus.

As guests parked and walked beyond this tower, they were taken back with an awe-inspiring view, where they would soon witness Kelly and Craig become husband and wife!

As guests approached the ceremony space, ushers were there to greet and seat. Two four foot tall white metal pillars acted as a threshold in to the ceremony space and also held the programs that doubled as fans as well as wild flower seeds. The ceremony was on a slight natural slope which made for a great view for their guests. Hay bales were lined up for guest seating and covered with navy and denim blue linen, and burlap fabric. At the end of each “pew” were silver galvanized buckets with overflowing gypsophila. The altar was an incredible space that featured a set of double doors. Wreaths hung on each door an pillars to each side with matching floral displays that were found at the tower. These doors not only brought indoor elements outside to define the space, but represented the incredible journey that they were about to enter.

Because this was an outdoor ceremony on a mountain top, there was a chance that there would be a lot of wind. Sound has no place to bounce off of, and often escapes an audience. We highly recommend having a PA system for outdoor events. To rent a wireless mic and speaker can go as low as $100 a day, which is money well spent. Kelly and Craig took our advice, a good thing because it was a windy day on the mountain! They also had music at the ceremony that needed electric so it worked out well! When Kelly walked down the aisle with her father she came into “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison. Such a beautiful moment! And of course the sun came out for her!

After their vows were exchanged these newly weds walked hand in hand as their friends and family tossed the wild flower seeds at them in celebration! I wonder if the seeds will sprout next spring?!

When the ceremony was over all their guests trickled down the mountain for cocktails and hor d’uerves. The wedding party took pictures as we discretely transported all the lovely buckets of gypsophila to the reception grounds.

As guests parked and approached the reception area they saw an oversize wreath hanging on the outside wall above the escort cards and guest book. The guests names and their respective table numbers were written out by the Bride on individual cards and strung together on twine, held on by miniature clothes pins. They were in alphabetical order and strung after a card with the last letter of their last name. The strings were tied end to end on window panes that mocked the ceremony doors that they had just seen.

The reception space was made up of three main areas. The bar and buffet area, dinning space, and outdoor courtyard.

The bar and buffet area was a covered space where we strung cafe lighting with burlap strips of fabric underneath to soften the space and lighting. This made for an inviting night time space! Also occupying this space was a stone floor to ceiling fireplace and dessert bar. Being that it was July we didn’t need any extra heat. So inside the fireplace we placed a tiered candle holders and on the mantle a metal “K&C”, with twine embellishments and more candles! During cocktail hour, a friend of the Bride and Groom performed an awesome set on her acoustic guitar. She was set up next to the fireplace, which made it all the sweeter. What could make this space any sweeter? Pies! Kelly made about forty pies to be served with ice cream! The display was tiered with a variety of pies, each marked with their respective filing so everyone knew what they were about to enjoy! We wanted to showcase all the hard work that went into the pies, so we made a sign that hung above the table. Using a pegged headboard we spelled out PIE BAR in between the pegs with votive candles on each end.

Between the reception hall and the lake was an expansive outdoor space. This space hosted hay-bale couches covered in quilts and pillows. Tall shepherd hooks with wooded lanterns were placed by each of these for night lighting. Also two sets of corn-hole games (or baggo depending on where you’re from) were set up for friends to play throughout the reception. Of course they were painted in the weddings colors with a “B” marking them for their last name Brown! 

The lake was naturally wonderful and had a great arched grassy bridge that led to a sweet little “island”. Each side of the bridge was lined with three foot tall shephard hooks with burlap wrapped, silver galvanized metal pales filled with gypsophila. On the island was a soft quilt and pillows, that not only made for a great photo op, but an ideal spot to take it all in.

As guests took their seats for dinner, their table numbers were displayed on hook stand with a moss filled metal base. They found their homemade favors made by Kelly and Craig’s grandmother. Elderberry and peach jams were placed at each table setting. Contained in stout mason jars, and colored with navy and white patterned fabric to line the lids, tags were tied on with twine with a special message to “Spread the Love”!

The tables were lined in rows and dressed with white linens and burlap runners. Cloth napkins were patterned with navy and white plaids and stripes. Glass growler water bottles were set in pairs in metal wire baskets. The flowers were set in long wooden boxes to accommodate the narrow tables and gave plenty of space for dining. White metal lanterns were set on the tables as well as deck space found right outside the main dining room.

This large deck overlooked the grounds and lake. When night fell this was a spectacular place to be! A large window gave a view of the dining room. Up against the window was a hay-bale lounge that might have just been the best seat in the house!

As it grew darker the candles got brighter, the music got louder, and it was time for the sky lanterns! What a great way to end the night. This was such a great moment to for Kelly and Craig to share with their family and friends. We’re sure that they will never forget it!