Pittsburgh Opera House

Lauren and Justin

Carnival in The Strip

Lauren and Justin wanted their wedding day to be colorful and  full of memories for their guests. They love all things Pittsburgh and wanted to celebrate one of their favorite areas in the city on their wedding day! The Strip District or “The Strip.” as it is familiarly known, is just that — a strip of shops, markets, bars, restaurants, music venues etc. It’s a colorful area that the couple wanted their guests to experience!  

Red Punch designed had planned this wedding from top to bottom. We wanted to create an atmosphere that was laid back, playful, and lovely! So here’s how we did it… 

The reception took place at the Pittsburgh Opera, which was absolutely perfect for what the bride and groom had envisioned. When we found this venue we just knew we had to book it! They wanted an outdoor wedding without the risk of rain. So we brought the outdoors in.  

The theme of this unique day was that of a vintage carnival. So obviously we started out with some sweet save the date magnetic cards. We always want to give guests a sense of what’s to come, and the invitation that followed created even more excitement! We love typography! The invitation card was laid out to mimic an old circus poster with elements that would be featured on their big day. The RSVP was a self mailing postcard that saved the couple on postage and an extra envelope. We were expecting around one hundred and eighty guests including the bridal party.  

The Pittsburgh Opera was ready for our crew the day before the wedding. The space was divided as there were rehearsals going throughout the day. We had to have half the space ready, then move to the other half for the last three hours. In about nine hours we had the space ready. As most set ups go, it was a fast-paced day. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our hard-working crew!  

The wedding took place at two o’clock at the couple’s church, St. Stanislaus. This church is gorgeous inside and out. Built in 1891, it is one of the city’s oldest churches. Impressive Romanesque architecture made for a romantic and traditional wedding. Each side was adorned with tall stained glass windows including a Rose window welcomed their guests. We embellished the altar with colorful flowers that complimented the stained glass. In a church this large and beautiful, décor can become “lost” and a cost that can be eliminated. The flowers were the perfect solution for ceremony decor.   

Once vows were exchanged and Lauren and Justin became husband and wife, they went to some of their favorite spots in The Strip and the North Shore for pictures. Guests were about three blocks from the reception that immediately followed the ceremony.  We coordinated the route and transportation since it can be quite the challenge to fit all the pictures into the small window they had. 

The wedding guests were welcomed  to the Pittsburgh Opera with a colorful display of drapery and  signage. The guest book and gift table were in the entry area. Tall cocktail tables with blue and red table clothes and runners were set around the cocktail space. We had alternating black metal lanterns and “I spy” games with disposable cameras set on these tables.    

No one had trouble finding a cocktail with the big red lit sign that read B-A-R. Using a variation of printed papers, we created strings of unique pendants and that looked incredible against the industrial red brick. These were hung on and around the bar and other areas of the space that we wanted to showcase. Red and blue paper straws made anything that came from the bar look fabulous. 

About 10,000, as delicious as they were looking, cookies were made by the bride’s family. Fortunately the serving staff replenished them as the night went on, otherwise we would have need at least two more 8 foot tables! In between the two cookie tables is where we placed the candy bar. The backdrop was a satin red and yellow striped fabric with sweet signage over top, paper pendants and clear bulb lights. The candy was displayed in everything from Styrofoam to red Rock Crystal. A basket with the message “Do Yourself a “Favor” was filled with goodie bags with a personalized message from the newlyweds. The candy itself was full of color and style!  

Guests found their seats with the help of our framed seating chart and escort cards. The guest tables featured a variety of tablescapes. Light and dark slate blues and cherry red floor length table cloths covered the round tables. Alternating colored napkins were folded on top with the centerpieces.  

The flowers were provided by our good friend Melissa, owner of Dried Humor. The flowers used were made up mostly of red and orange roses and accented with yellow billy balls, and eucalyptus and blue succulents to give the flowers a dusty tone. The tallest of the tablescapes was made up of a center trumpet vase with gold curly willow branches inside the stem of the vase, and a rounded flower arrangement on top. The second centerpiece was a five inches tall and round with a similar round arrangement. And the third was a wrought iron tiered lantern stand with red, blue and green glass lanterns that were candle lit. Each tablescape also had two wrought iron stemmed votives with leaves extending from the stem and topped with a small bird’s nest where a tea light sat. Blue and red candle lit lanterns, small vintage glass bottles with a few stems of flowers, as well as short colored glass tea light votives were strewn across the table. Table numbers were chalk board stand with a gold beveled outline. No two tables were alike! This really gave a personalized dining experience for their family and friends.  

The head table was a made up of similar décor as the guests tables. With a backdrop of gold and red fabric, café lights to border it, paper wheels and a hand painted sign with the newlyweds last name. Each wedding party attendant had a blue glass chalice that they held onto as a keepsake, and also gave another element of color against the red table cloths.  

We must say that our most favorite element was the “big top”. Using colorful dyed fabric we draped a canopy-like element that covered all of the dining tables and dance floor. In between each panel of fabric, we strung clear café lights because lighting is everything! The center of this big top was what held it all together, and showcased a gold star lantern that may have caused some stiff necks due to it’s awesomeness.  

Everyone had a great time dancing under the star. This was an awesome wedding with an awesome couple behind it!